Apply Now

Please send an email with relevant materials attached (Executive Summary, Pitch Deck, Demo URL, Resumes of Team Members, etc).  NDAs will not be signed but Confidentiality Assured.  Be sure that you have answered these Application Screening Questions at a minimum:

1)      Do you possess a viable for-profit business concept?

2)      Is your business focused on either B2B, or B2C or B2G with a transactional financial element?

3)      Is your startup seed stage?  (i.e. beyond idea stage)

4)      Pre-financing valuation less than $5 Million.

5)      Product/service that can be in beta release within a few months – if software -

6)      A great team with strong leadership elements in place (i.e. you are prepared to work full-time)

7)      Are you enthusiastic about moving into the high-energy, collaborative environment of the accelerator located in Downtown Portsmouth NH and Kendall Square Cambridge, next to MIT & Harvard.

8)      Are you individuals of moral high integrity?  Have personal passions beyond making money?

9)      Are you motivated to succeed in a focused, accelerated mode?

10)     Desired START DATE  (all terms are 3 months: Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall)

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