How it Works

Created by a Seasoned Serial Entrepreneur with a passion to help startups the mission of The Market Accelerator™ is to help startups accelerate the time to market.  Upon acceptance in the program The Market Accelerator team works intensively with its entrepreneurs to help create and refine the most exciting and compelling product, service or business model.  Participants regularly attend events and pitch session, founder-meetings, VC-sessions, and other events hosted in the entrepreneurial eco-system.

The Market Accelerator™ is Inspired by leading incubation & accelerator programs such as MassChallenge, DogPatchLabs, Y Combinator, TechStars, The Founders Institute, VentureCafe, and the Cambridge Innovation Center.

In additional to capital, coaching, and mentoring The Market Accelerator™ is characterized by  its two physical spaces which offer a full-immersion startup experience to small teams of startup founders  who literally are asked to LIVE the startup experience and lifestyle for a 3-month period of time where co-founder leave their families, home country, and day jobs to embark on their entrepreneurial adventure with a fully-dedicated work & living space.

The Market Accelerator Process:

• Teams Apply to The Market Accelerator™ with an Executive Summary + Pitch Deck (Rolling Admissions)

• 20 Teams are Accepted per year (average team size is 2 or 3 Co-Founders) some solo entrepreneurs and 4-5 person teams.
• Teams are Organized into 4 Cohorts of 5 based on products, services, industry, seasonality and/or schedules of Entrepreneurs (Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter Cohorts).
• Investors Review Materials and Provide Seed Funding *Per-Cohort* rather than per team. Due-Diligence and Document Review/Signing is performed before Entrepreneur Move-In Day.
• Entrepreneurs move in to The Market Accelerator™ for a Maximum term of 3 Months. Investors/Mentors can visit the accelerator anytime.
• Party!   Entrepreneurs, Investors, Mentors, and Alumni attend an Annual Party & Social Event held at the Harvard Peabody Museum in Cambridge Mass. To reconnect and update on the commercial progress of their businesses.

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